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Our lesson programs are for ages 5+. We cater to all levels of riding, from a beginner with no experience, up to advanced level riders looking to further their show career. We specialize in three-day eventing, dressage, and general english riding. At Silver Ridge, we strongly believe how you treat and care for the horse on the ground is just as important as time spent in the saddle. Our goal is to develop our students into independent and well-educated equestrians with a strong knowledge of good horsemanship and incorporate these core values into every lesson we teach.

We show beginners how to catch their own horse, groom them, tack them up, cool down and care for them after each ride. As students advance in our program, we incorporate equine first aid, leg wrapping, braiding, tack care, and how to prepare for a horse show.  With this in mind, please note that a 30- or 45-minute riding lesson will likely be a full hour to an hour and a half experience at the barn.

Have a child that's younger than five but interesting in horses? Check out our Family Fun Sessions specifically geared towards our younger children!

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